Our mission is to allow organizations, communities and their people to better manifest in the rapidly changing information society.

Using many seperate software solutions hinders bringing people together in a successful way. Genkgo tries to reduce the fragmentated use of software solutions. We deploy technology in one integrated platform: our ecosystem. Applications in our ecosystem are connected and share the same resources. Our users can effectively manage their activities across applications while keeping privacy-sensitive data in one secure place.

Genkgo is founded on three pillars:

1. Innovate

We pick the essential elements from the overwhelming stream of new and innovative technology. By using these elements in our own ecosystem, we can provide our customers with quality products that have a wide range of applications.

2. Respect the environment

We understand that cloud software can be a heavy burden on the environment. For our data warehousing, we do business only with environmentally concerned and certified partners. Genkgo is part of a green and energy-saving value chain.

3. Protect privacy

We believe that our customers have the right to confidentiality and data protection. Therefore, we keep their information secure. Genkgo does not share client data with third parties. Our customers are and remain the owners of their own data.